Local Contractors Workshop

Lowcountry Paver is hosting local contractors for a free financial workshop! H. Roy Austin, coach and CPA is author of “The Alligator Business Solution” and is sharing strategies, tips and smart business practices when it comes to managing finances. One way that Lowcountry Paver seeks to add value to client relationships! Learn more at www.lcpaver.com and www.rockwellbusinesssolutions.com/about-us/  

HardeeWall Garden

The HardeeWall Garden Wall is a 1-piece, 2-piece, or 3-piece decorative double-sided, free-standing wall system that is fast and easy to install. It can be used for making garden, sitting walls, & raised garden planters as well as, entrance columns. HardeeWall can also be used as a retaining wall to a maximum of 3’ with…