Lowcountry Cobble

Meet Lowcountry Cobble: Our exclusive 12 x 12 Lowcountry Cobble is unique because of its cobbled edge which gives it a softer, less manufactured look than other 12” Squares on the market. A favorite for residential & commercial pool decks, courtyards and plazas.

do pavers crack

Will Weeds and Grass Grown Between Pavers?

Weeds and grass between pavers occur when seeds or spores lodge in the joints between pavers. They will not grow from underneath. This can be minimized by using polymeric sand or mixing a pre-emergent granular weed killer into the joint sand. If weeds do appear, a spot vegetation killer (such as Round-Up™) can be used…


Lowcountry Paver Gives Back to Local Community

Lowcountry Paver donates to local school districts and municipalities, as well as other local organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Clubs, Boy Scouts, and Toys-for Tots, just to name a few. This is the kind of local community commitment you should expect from a family, American-owned company. When you buy Lowcountry Paver…

raise your home value with pavers

Increase Home Resale Value with Pavers

Studies have shown that a nicely landscaped house with a paver driveway and/or outdoor living can increase a home’s resale value by as much as 15 to 20 percent. Design your home for life and for your future. The exterior of your home will be a prospective buyer’s first impression and could be an automatic turnoff before they…